Community Connections

It is clear that many District Administrators and School Board Members are not willing to acknowledge or address the persistence of low academic achievement within their school districts.  Not only is the overall performance low in ELA and Mathematics but there continues to be a large academic achievement gap between relatively high peforming populations and Students of Color, Economically Disadavantaged Students, English Learners, and Students with Disability.

Given this intractable problem, it is incumbent for the community of students, parents, and community members come together to seek strategies and tactics that can be used to effectively support the improvement of academic achievement of students.  This page will be devoted to provide resources, tools, and communication venues that stakeholders can use to interact successfully with school and district staff to advance the academic achievement of the children.

I have begun this process by engaging with a Community Radio Station in San Jose, CA called KCXU 92.7 FM ( Working with Manu Martinez, we would like to engage the diverse community in San Jose to come together to seek solution to the real problems of academic preparedness of our students especially our minorities.  We believe that the solutions exist within our diverse community and by providing a well-planned educational programming, we will be able to engage and empower our diverse community to more effectively engage with the SJUSD School Board and Administration.  If our are interested in helping to plan our educational programming, please complete the form below.

In addition, to enhancing the ability of our community to collaborate more effectively in finding solutions to the intractable problems of academic achievement and English Language acquisition within SJUSD, we will use this web site to create a repository of resources and tools that our community can use to better engage the school district and schools as well as independently work to improve the academic achievement of our students.  Some examples of resources and tools that we will entertain include:

  • Educational programming on Community radio KCXU 92.7 FM to provide a forum for collaboration on sharing of theories of action, strategies, and tactics to improve student academic achievement and the acquisition of English Language.
  • Repository of educational web sites like You Tube that students and parents can use to enhance student understanding of key grade-level specific ELA and Math content and skills.
  • Database of college students who can provide expert tutoring and small group learning for our students.
  • Explicit tactics that parents can use to effectively advance their student’s achievement with teachers and school administrators.
  • Strategies and tactics that students, parents, and community members can use to advance student achievement through building a Big Picture for both School and District Strategic Plans.

Please use the form below if you are interested in working with our team to build a community of students, parents, and community members interested in engaging with the SJUSD schools and district to enhance academic achievement and English Language acquisition opportunities for all students.